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Medical Communications

 Together we deliver success

JSG Digital is a synergy of professionals from multiple disciplines combining to provide you with the best in Digital Communications

Our team are a combination of experts in Medical communication, together with specialists who have backgrounds in events, AV, virtual platforms and film.

we understand the needs and complexities of your industry.

In healthcare, we know what you need to deliver, we are GDPR compliant, and we guide our customers to best solutions for their needs.

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Introducing the JSG Digital Medical Series Podcasts

Podcasting has become one of the fastest and most trusted channels for building and promoting brands. JSG Digital put your message in the ears of your target audience through our cutting-edge podcasting services.

With our expertise in content creation and distribution, we ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Our team at JSG Digital will craft engaging and informative podcast episodes tailored to your brand’s unique identity and goals.

You can choose to Sponsor a series or work on exclusive content for your audience.

We offer public podcasts with hosting on all major channels or internal podcasts on private channels for training and corporate use.

We can work in audio and visual media to give your podcasts a professional edge.

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Advisory Board Meetings – Investigator Meetings – Webinars – Online Chat Functions – Breakout Groups – Internal Meetings – Satellite Symposia – Med Ed Communications – Standalone Meetings – Podcasts – Video Abstracts

Any country, any timezone

From two to two hundred

You focus on the event. We focus on the tech. Together we deliver success

For a virtual meeting you will be assigned a technical support person. 

They will listen to your requirements/needs (slides, presentations, polling, video, broadcast-based, webinar) and recommend an appropriate platform. 

They will advise on technical requirements for users, provide weblinks and user quick guides, pre-meeting tech rehearsal support, and full support on the day of the event.

This end-to-end service ensures that everyone who attends has a good experience and has easy access to technical support should any problems arise before or during the meeting (internet drop-off and need to connect via telephone line; problems with screen sharing).

Outputs post-meeting include: list of all attendees (with duration of engagement), audio and/or visual file (for report and archiving purposes) in required format (mainly mp4).

We can utilise your in-house platforms or you can use our platforms (we send you the links)

We have full licences for all key platforms.

Remote Recording

Whether using Web-based recordings using platforms such MS Teams, Zoom, high quality professional solutions, sending a local team to someone’s office or getting people to attend local studios. We provide the best quality available in Audio and Video.

We can offer full post-production editing for online streams and recording.

Using fully equipped Peli cases – we can ship high-quality recording equipment to HCPs offices with ‘straight out of the box’ set up and telephone/internet support


We are used to operating in the highly regulated healthcare environment so that you can have full confidence in everything we do.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU requirement that allows every EU citizen the right to know and decide how their personal data is being used, stored, protected, transferred and deleted. To ensure that we comply we have clear pathways for:

  • Access to data, we know where we have and do not have personal data
  • We can clearly identify any personal data
  • Governance means that have privacy rules
  • All data is protected (all data is deleted 12 months after commissioning, or sooner if a client requests. No data is shared with any third party)
  • Audit, with any data still in our possession (prior to deletion) we have a clear pathway to identify where it is and what information it contains

The key privacy rule is that the tech support that you work with will password protect your data within JSG Digital servers and cloud storage; this is only shared with our identified in-house GDPR person (Jeff Singh).

We ask all clients if they would like us to supply them with audio/video outputs in a password protected format with the password supplied separately from any data links or files.

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“JSG Digital is GDPR compliant, independently of who, or which company, we work with”


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